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GF2™ Fuel Enhancer contains organo- metallic compounds, as well as other materials, that optimize the combustion process by creating a more efficient use of fuel. The treatment is engineered to lower the ignition point of fuel and provide a longer residence time for the combustion process.

By lowering the ignition point, GF2™Fuel Enhancer optimizes the combustion process of hydrocarbon-based fuels, minimizing carbon deposits, soot, smoke and particulate matter. This results in less carbon and smoke emitted from exhausts due to unburned fuel, which helps protect the environment. GF2™improves the burn rate by lowering the ignition point. This in turn burns lower-end BTUs in the fuel that are normally expelled out of the exhaust.


GF2™keeps fuel system components clean and within design tolerances for precise fuel delivery to the combustion chamber


Biodiesel is prone to oxidation. When biodiesel oxidizes, insoluble by-products are created that cause injector deposits. These deposits can slow response or cause sticking of moving internal parts and lead to injector failure. GF2™Fuel Enhancer contains a dispersant that stabilizes fuels, thereby preventing oxidation.


GF2™Fuel Enhancer completely separates fuel from water, thus reducing injector and fuel pump failure.


Fuel naturally begins to break down as soon as it is refined, eventually returning to its original state as crude oil. This polymerization process starts to form submicron-sized particles. As the process continues, particles become larger and eventually agglomerate, forming macroscopic sludge. These particles can score injectors and eventually plug filters and injectors, and over long periods of time, render the fuel unpumpable. GF2™ disperses existing macroscopic sludge and retards further polymerization, permitting fuel to burn more efficiently.


GF2™contains a corrosion inhibitor to mitigate internal tank corrosion and a detergent to help keep lines, filters, and injectors clean. This results in increased efficiency and less maintenance for your engine.

Home Products Testimonies Executive Team Opportunity Buy Here Join Now

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