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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Healthy Habits Global is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Healthy Habits Global, but peoples personal experiences. 

Coffee Testimonies

Pain is a hell of a thing and for anyone who has had problems with their sciatic nerve you know it is no laughing matter..... back in October of last year I was dealing with severe sciatic nerve problems that had me limping and at times immobilized with pain.
Along with this I had chronic pain from my occupation as an ultrasound technician which is rough on your wrists and shoulders.
At that time I had been going to the chiropractors every couple weeks and to a massage therapist monthly to try and find some relief. At one point I got stuck in the shower when my leg gave out and I couldn't put weight on it !!!

Shortly after that Justin had ordered some of this coffee and I thought I would give it a try because it was here and it had a lower amount of caffeine than your standard cup of coffee and I was trying to cut back. I drank a cup a day of the black coffee doctored up with my usual hot chocolate mix instead of cream and sugar as I had been drinking for every morning for years.... a week later it suddenly hit me that I wasn't limping or in pain any more …( after being in pain for so long I had been so used to it that it took me a while to realize that t was gone it was such a part of my everyday life )

The only thing that I had been doing differently was the one cup of coffee that was already a fixture in my morning routine......I couldn't believe it.
Another week or two passed and I ran out of the coffee Justin had brought home so I went back to my old store brand coffee... in a matter of days pain started to creep back into my life. Slowly at first but it was coming back nonetheless. How could this coffee have such an impact on my every day life. That's when I started to take a closer look at what it was that I had been drinking and of course asked Justin to buy me more coffee!!!!

I have been drinking it for the past 6 months and it has had a profound impact on my level of pain, the quality of my sleep and daily energy level. Having a newborn in the house has drastically cut the amount of sleep I get every night and yet I am functioning like I have had a full night sleep ( dont get me wrong some days are better than Lexi M., CA

I have been on blood pressure medication for 8 years. After 4 days of drinking Healthy Habits Global coffee with TAGG two times a day I noticed my BP dropped. I scheduled a doctors appointment for my MD to check my BP, and due to the drop in BP from drinking the Healthy Habits Global TAGG, she took me off my prescription medication.Lola F., HI

I’m a Stage 4 Breast Cancer survivor and I was looking for a natural way to rebuild and strengthen my immune system and reduce the amount of chronic pain I was having from Neuropathy throughout my body. I also wanted to find a way to get good, quality sleep without taking sleep aids.

When I was introduced to the coffee from Healthy Habits Global, I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all but I saw two key benefits that I was looking for in the brochure that the coffee could help me get - improve quality of sleep and enhance the immune system, that was what I wanted more than anything because I got sick a lot from a weak immune system and because of the chronic pain, I was getting maybe 2 hours of sleep and that was from total exhaustion but still much aware of the pain throughout my body.

When I received the coffee in the mail, I fixed a cup of the Blend Gourmet Coffee just using 8ozs of hot water. The following morning I woke up without any nerve pain. I have been consuming all of the beverage products ever since to combat neuropathy and I sleep soundly throughout the night. I also have not been sick since consuming the beverages. Thank you for all you do Healthy Habits Global! God bless! Apple P., WA

A good friend of mine had introduced me to the coffee just over a year ago, I remember my friend talking to me about the product & me saying "I'm not interested because I don't drink coffee". He told me about the product & the health benefits & I said "Okay I'll try it". After drinking the product I had noticed that I had a lot of energy but not too much where I would have the shakes because of too much caffeine, I also noticed that I slept better at night as well. Eventually I realized that my muscles & joints felt better while I was also able to move around easily & effortlessly. I'm so happy that I found Healthy Habits Global, thank you for giving me my life back! Lionel W., HI

Pure Complete Testimonies

Aloha, my name is Lionel from Honolulu, Hawaii & I'm a believer in the power of PURE COMPLETE. I started the 15 Day challenge back in July 2015, my start weight was 385lbs. I was really feeling frustrated about weight gain & more importantly I was desperate to find something that works.

During the 15 Day challenge I followed the diet to the tee & lost 29lbs, I was so amazed that I lost all that weight in such a short period of time. I didn't feel hungry, I slept like a baby at night & had lots of energy throughout the day.

After I finished the first 15 Days I jumped right on the next 15 Day challenge & lost an additional 11lbs with a total weight loss of 40lbs in 30 Days to end up at 345lbs. I am super excited with my results & shared the product with all my friends & family.
Lionel W., HI

Cardio Boost Testimonies

When I first saw the product I was familiar with what it did because I had tried the original product sold by the doctor who created the formula. As I read the information on the label I quickly realized that this reformulation was a superior product.

I took the product for the first month & really didn't feel very different, but as I continued taking the product I started to feel the effects when I was cleaning my yard. Usually I would clean for about 15 to 20 minutes & have to stop & rest because I was out of breath. But during the second month I was cleaning my yard with my headphones on and I realized that I had cleaned the entire yard without resting once & that's when I knew that the product was working. I've been taking the product consistently now for six months & I feel awesome about my health & my future. Lionel W., HI

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Healthy Habits Global is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Healthy Habits Global, but peoples personal experiences. 

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